• About Fraternity Life

    Many myths stray the focus of what fraternities really do. Beyond the

    myths of hazing and non-stop partying are the facts. Fraternities were

    founded for the sole purpose of uniting men with common values, morals, and goals.


    How does fraternity membership increase community involvement?

    Every school year Fraternity men give hundreds of hours of service and

    raise thousands of dollars to support many different worthy causes.

    Most chapters support both local charities and their national

    organization's philanthropy. VCU fraternities work with such causes and

    programs as: The Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research,

    Children's Miracle Network, Alternative Spring Break, and different

    school mentoring and tutoring programs (The Carver Promise), to name a few.

    It is hard to drive for very long in the Richmond area without driving

    on a road "adopted" by a Fraternity organization. VCU Fraternity's have

    made and continue to make a difference, both on and off campus, through

    organized service and dedicated philanthropy. Fraternities also support

    other organization's philanthropies such as "Kickin' for Kidney's" kickball

    tournament to support the National Kidney Foundation,

    "Denim for Diabetes" discounted designer jeans sale to support the

    Juvenile Diabetes Reaseach Foundation, "Spike Out Arthritis" volleyball

    tournament benefitting the Arthritis Foundation, and "Miss Minerva"

    beauty pageant supporting the Children's Miracle Network.

    Between 2008 and 2009, Fraternities and Sororities at

    Virginia Commonwealth University performed 9,496 hours of

    community service, participated in 221 service programs, donated

    over $22,000.00 and 1.48 tons of food.


    How does fraternity membership increase scholastic performance?

    Scholastic achievement and success is the primary reason for

    attending an undergraduate collegiate institution. Through fraternities,

    scholastic achievement can be strengthened and further supported. 

    Each fraternity adopts a scholarship plan based on their individual membership

    which provides reinforcement and allows for a guided path to success. 

    At VCU, the All Male Cummulative GPA is a 2.66, while the

    All Fraternity Cumulative GPA is a 2.79 

    (This accounts for MGC and NPHC organizations). 

    Eleven of the twelve IFC Fraternities exceed the All Male Average.


    How will Fraternity membership provide social activities for my son?

    The social life of fraternity men can be very rich and rewarding, with

    friendships made that can last a lifetime, and the development of social skills

    which will be useful to any adult. Fraternities provide activities which

    sharpen conversation techniques, conflict resolution skills, and promote poise

    and a sense of social grace. All of the Greek-lettered organizations at VCU

    advocate the legal, responsible use of alcohol by members, and both they

    and their national organizations, as well as the Fraternity and Sorority Life staff,

    work to ensure that this responsibility is taken seriously.


    What are the costs associated with joining a Fraternity organization?

    It is important that each student who considers joining be aware of the expenses

    of both initially joining a group, and maintaining membership. Each chapter is

    self-supporting, funded largely by membership dues and some fundraising.

    Costs vary depending on individual national dues, insurance premiums,

    social fees, and house expenses, where applicable. Most chapters will

    provide a payment plan for members with special needs. Your student and

    you are strongly encouraged to ask about membership financial obligations.


    As a parent, what should I do to support my son or daughter's

    decision to join a Greek-lettered organization?

    First of all, be supportive of that decision and encourage your student to find out

    as much as they can about a prospective group(s). Consult with your student as

    you feel comfortable about this decision, but in the end, let him or her make the

    choice for their membership. After that decision is made, talk with your

    son periodically and ask him about their Fraternity experience. Feel free to contact

    the Fraternity and Sorority Life staff if you would like any additional information

    about a particular group.


    For more information, please visit : www.fraternityinfo.com and

    click on the "Parent's Info" link.