Executive Council






    President - Richard Lee

    The Interfraternity Council (IFC) President has overall responsibility for the

    operation of the IFC. He calls and presides over all regular and special

    meetings of the Interfraternity Council, as well as presides at all Executive

    Council meetings. In the absence of the Vice President, or in a situation

    where a conflict of interest arises with the Vice President, he will serve as the

    Chief Justice of the Interfraternity Council Judicial Board. The President

    reviews and approves all contracts involving the Interfraternity Council of 

    Virginia Commonwealth University.


  • Vice President of Administration - Nick Tomlin

    The Vice President of Administration is responsible for the IFC's budget, calendar with all IFC
    sponsored events and chapter events, and records the minutes during IFC General Body meetings.
    In the absence of the president, he will preside as leader of IFC meetings. He sends out invoices to
    chapters for IFC membership dues, and collects the rosters.



  • Vice President of Recruitment- Marcus Foden

    The Vice President of Recruitment assumes the roles of recruitment and service. 

    He establishes and supervises all functions and facilities pertaining to recruitment

    activities, as outlined in the annual Recruitment Guidelines. As a recruitment

    officer, his primary objective is to increase the number of men going through

    recruitment by use of a variety of publications and presentations.  He reviews

    any and all changes in the North-American Interfraternity Conference guidelines

    for recruitment, and implements them in the IFC.  In addition, he organizes and

    implements a fall recruitment registration activity. He advises and works with

    other council recruitment officers in the leadership and development of

    recruitment/promotional activities that will promote a positive environment 

    for new members.   




  • Vice President of Programming - Chandler Garrison

     The Vice President of Programming will be in charge of setting up and coordinating all IFC sponsored events. He sets up guest speakers for greek life here at VCU discussing character development, values, leadership, and other popular topics amongst college students. He will also perform all other duties pertaining to this office, and perform all duties delegated by the Interfraternity Council President and Vice President.


  •  Vice President of Public Relations

     The Vice President of Public Relations is responsible for the official correspondence

    of the Interfraternity Council.  He is responsible for all publications on campus and

    otherwise related to fraternity and sorority events, awards, and projects.  He is

    responsible for all social media of the IFC (Facebook, IFC Website, Blackboard, etc.) He also works with local chapters to help promote and advertise any event hosted by a chapter here at VCU.



    Advisor - Lindsey Dombert



    Additional Info

    Email:                                lrdombert@vcu.edu